Quinta Culture

Traditionally a Quinta (farm or estate) was a mainstay to the local economy. It supported households and families of those who worked there, as well as growing produce for sale and local consumption.

Not much of that has changed, although we now welcome visitors into the mix to help maintain this rich culture that goes back centuries but also to offer guests a unique experience as to what living on a Quinta was/is all about.

Connecting the family history to the property with the plantation of the vineyard (we have always had vines but not on this scale) was fundamental. Maintained by the 200 year old family company Blandy´s vineyard comprises of all the noble varieties form the dry to the sweet (Sercia, Verdelho, Bual, Malvasia) as well as an extremely rare but fine variety in Terrantez.

The history of the place comes alive through the buildings and landscape that has been reshaped generation to generation but is essentially just reinventing itself with the passage of time. A considerable effort is made to keep the place presentable, not just through the maintenance of the landscape but also in the conservation of architecture.

Being 3,5 Ha of green space in the centre of Funchal means that the Quinta is also and essentially a “lung” for the urban area around it.

The Quinta both supports and is in turn supported by life in various forms;

  • Ecology – the rich mixture of flora and fauna, nature;

  • Culture and tourism – visitors, tenants, history, architecture, craftsmanship, education;

  • Local economy – employment and service industries.


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Quinta das Malvas
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