Villa Quinta de Santa Luzia - Reviews


June 2019

Our stay at the Quinta has been 11 days and we have enjoyed every minute of it.  We´ve eaten all our breakfasts and dinner on the spacious varandah where you have a magnificent view out onto the Atlantic sea.  The kids have had such a great time – what a house to play and hide in. !  The parents have to run around and look for them and also have fun. 

The pool area with all the flowers around is also great.  Some if us have taken a swim almost every day.

Kestrels, black caps, robins and other birds, have been around all the time – we love seeing hearing them.

Thanks a lot Andrew, for your kindness and hospitality, we really appreciate the tour you gave us on the Quinta.  Now we are going back to Sweden and we will remember this homely place forever.

May 2019

My dearest Andrew

A special thank you to you and for your cordiality and hospitality.  A splendid villa and a splendid property, all a lot more than we expected.  It was for all of us an unforgettable holiday.  Stupendous!  We hope to come and visit you again soon.  A kiss for Maria!

February 2019

Andrew, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you, hear about your family and your current projects and stay in your glorious Quinta.  Good Luck.  V+M, Oxford UK


November 2018

Thank you for the most amazing experience and beautiful holiday.  A fantastic setting on the Blandy estate, we will certainly be back.  Best wishes M+K (Cascais)

Dear Andrew

I would never have imagined that I would spend 16 days on such a magnificent property on such a beautiful island.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make memories that we will cherish for years. Best regards, C (Canada)

Andrew a huge thank you from both Sam + myself.  This property and house turned out to be much more than we could have ever dreamed of.  Thanks for taking the time to give us your “family” tour.  The history of this Quinta is amazing and so interesting.  This has been the trip of a lifetime with many memories (including your facetime with Sam).  Take care J. (Ontario)

Andrew, thank you or allowing us to experience life as only a few have had the good fortune to do so.  It is a wonderful building.  I know it is home to you and now in a small way home to us.  It was a pleasure to enjoy the property and your wonderful island.  Cheers (S+B) Canada

Andrew, thank you for sharing your magnificent Quinta and Maria. I Loved learning your history and exploring the grounds.  Madeira will stay in my heart.  Warmest regards B (Ontario – Canada)

Hola Andrew,

It has been a pleasure to stay in your wonderful family home.  What a treat!  Our memories of our holiday here have been made very special.  Slainte! D + D (Huntsville Canada) 

Andrew:  Thank-you so very much for allowing us to stay in the villa at Quinta de Santa Luzia.  It has been an amazing experience living where so much Blandy history took place on Madeira,  I appreciate the efforts that must be required to maintain the Quinta and Villa.  I wish you continued success with your adventure. C. H. (Huntsville, Canada, Cascais Portugal)

October 2018

What a beautiful home, and what a beautiful garden surrounded by calm and serenity!  After a day outside the property, we were truly happy to return to this haven of peace. C, V

Dear Andrew and all,

It was a really unique and special stay for us for our honeymoon.  We enjoyed every corner of the villa and the garden.  We wish you the best with the business and hope to come back soon.  Thank you a lot! With Love, E+A

Dear Hosts,

Superb Quinta! Thank you to open it to the public and for letting us sleep and take advantage of this splendid place.  All the best D+V.

October 2018 - Elements retreat with A. Holmes

Thankyou Andrew for your patience, generosity and solidity in providing a safe space to dance out my vulnerability!  Be happy and healthy; Big hugs J xx

Let the elements combine! Had a transformational time. M

Words fail me (and I´m a poet). Thank you, thank you, thank you.  A xxx

Thank you for bringing us here, holding and transforming this beautiful place.  Many blessings on completing “the list”.  Keep dancing, opening and returning to the empty centre.  With Love, D.

Thank you so so very much for offering your space and family homestead to us this week, its “magical”.  You´re doing a fantastic job and so graciously, your team and the heartbeat of the Quinta beats steadily and lovingly.  Good luck with your vision and enjoy the growth! J.

Earth, water, fire, air, their gifts here plentifully, tended with love shared generously with care taken, allowing spirit in all her complexity to seem simple as of course she is.  Thank you Andrew all your team, thank you Quinta Santa Luzia for welcoming us, for all the meetings, the laughter the tears, the joy.  We hope we will be back one day. S + N

September 2018

Beautiful Quinta, we feel so lucky to be able to stay here.  Our host Andrew, was enthusiastic host, always happy to help.  Tour around the estate on the last day a lovely finale to a super holiday in Madeira.  We will return! Many thanks, Capeling climbing club, Glasgow UK!

July 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Quinta de Santa Luzia! Madeira is an amazingly beautiful island, Hope we can make it back someday!  The M. Family

Thank you for your lovely house as our holiday home.  This week I shall remember for a very long time. Hope to return one day. P. C

What a fabulous location for a family holiday.  Beautiful Villa and we very much enjoyed the pool (and wine!)  Thank you Andrew.  The G. family 

June 2018

The Icelandic expresso loving family stayed here again for two weeks.  Now in a completely renovated kitchen after the great expresso coffee maker explosionJ. Andrew obviously expected we would be back and has now had installed an excellent explosion safe expresso coffee machine.  The 11 of us had again a wonderful time here at the Quinta and around this marvellous island, hiking, mountain biking and enjoying the wonderful nature.  Andrew has been as before a gracious and very helpful host.  Thanks!

D, G, S, Y, B, L, D, T, B, S, S, A

May 2018

Many thanks for the hospitality.  Your home is wonderful and we loved staying here. 

A Big hug

Many thanks for the unforgettable stay.  I hope to return one day.

A Kiss, M, C:

Many thanks Andrew, Many thanks Aleste!

T, S.

April 2018

Dear Andrew,

We have all had a wonderful time in this beautiful Villa.  Unfortunately the sun did not come out for us – we had plenty of rain!!  So we were able to enjoy the wonderful facilities of the house especially the billiards room.  The garden and grounds are so beautiful and the views from the veranda so stunning.  Thank you for making us feel so welcome – I am sure we will return soon.

J, N, E, B, M, V, A, J, C, J, + A from UK, Canada – Toronta and Vancoouver

April 2018

This beautiful home , full of history and stories that has allowed us to explore the rest of the island from.  What a joy it for the children and the parents to have the use of this magnificent garden and the range of facilities amply available.

Many thanks again,

Family P,

Many thanks for welcoming us in your superb house.  Thanks again. E.

Our stay was unfortunately too short to make the most of this magnificent house.  We hope to return! E, P

April 2018

Obrigado, thank you


Sharing Franklin method movement in your sports den

Freaky frogs and other creature sounds

Fresh and tasty produce

Views of abundant nature and the sea and the mountains

Girly sing song around the piano

Sunny splashes in the lovely pool

The occasional jaunt out- Monte was quite nice, but who needs to go anywhere it´s so lovely here!

A little blast of billiards

Grand meals at the table and on the terrace

February 2018

Dear Andy,

Thanks so much for the opportunity to stay in such a lovely place.  We´ve had a great time and will need to come back to sample some more of the island.  Hope we´ll all see you in Scotland soon and meanwhile we hope September goes well and best wishes to Helena and yourself, Lots of Love. W, C + A

January 2018

Thanks a lot for these days.


December 2017

Another lovely family Christmas in your beautiful house.  Thank you Andrew

December 2017

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful Quinta.  It was more than wonderful, - it was a dream!

Dear Margarida,

Thank you for your warm and friendly nature and your helpful advices.  We had a great time here. Thanks, J+ S

December 2017

We are so grateful to you for these days in your family nest.  We were impressed much by the rich historical and art heritage of the house, its both Madeiran and English charm.  Consciously or unconsciously you make us and other people happier by all this atmosphere an hospitality.  Thank you very much.

A and H

December 2017

Thank you for your welcome in this sublime place.  It´s been a great joy to spend this time here in this beautiful  demure. I had the great pleasure of exploring Madeira and the library of the Quinta and of retracing the history of the Portuguese empire. M + M

December 2017

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for the wonderful stay at your stunning estate.  Despite having to work, I truly enjoyed working in the library.  We thoroughly enjoyed the company of the troublesome, young cat from next door, Best wishes!  Many thanks E+D

November 2017

Dear Andrew 

A big thank you to all of you for letting us stay in your wonderful home.  It is a truly beautiful house and we have loved every minute we have spent here.  Maybe we will come back here another time -  I hope so.  Best wishes C, J + P

November 2017

We´ve had a fabulous time! Thank you so much for letting us stay in your wonderful home with all your family memories.  It´s been a very special time and we would love to come back one day!

Very best wishes,  R, C, T + O

November 2017

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for staying one wonderful week in your beautiful house.  We enjoyed the privacy of the house, pool and garden.  Quinta perfecta !!!! J

We will be back for sure,  Best wishes

J+ M from Malaga, S, M, J, S, M, J, + S from Bonn

October 2017

Just the best  We have loved every minute and explored endlessly.  Unbelievable.  Loved it all.

Thank you J, A I + R

October 2017

We loved the pool, the tennis court, the coffee machine, the gardens the beautiful house.  Super terrace for chilling, lovely kitchen, excellent showers, many fab memories.

Thank you for having us and looking after us so well.

PM, and friends

October 2017

Had the best few days here, thank you so much.  Could not have asked for anything better.  Only a few days but feel so relaxed and so happy to have caught up with friends.  The Quinta will always hold special memories for me.

L de S

September 2017

We loved the house, we loved the space, we loves the hospitality and we loved the dog.

Thank you.

July 2017

Thank you so much, this has just been the best family holiday ever! Great house, hospitality – everything.

T family, London

July 2017

Despite the Madeira high winds presenting a challenge to landing airplanes, the island welcomed us and the house was absolutely wonderful, the garden gorgeous…. I could write for pages how great our stay has been.  Activities for people of all ages!  A happy place. Thank you.

July 2017

Thank you for letting me stay in your family home.  We have enjoyed the kindred experience.  The location, views and facilities are excellent.  Your help during our stay (trips and taxis) has been most helpful.  We will recommend the Quinta to anyone thinking of visiting Madeira.  We found the house very interesting and enjoyed finding out about the history.

The happy traveller from Bristol, England

July 2017

What a wonderful place you have!  After a week with quite simple places to stay, around the whole island, this was a perfect end to our trip.  We truly enjoyed it!  The pool, the tennis court, the billiard house – we tried it all out.  I hope we have the opportunity to come back again one day!

You ask for suggestions at the beginning of the book.  As a gardener; what about using some of the unused spaces of the garden for “shared farming”?  In  Norway more and more places have that and it bring a lot of life and joy to the whole communities, and help the farmer use the land without extra costs.  Just a suggestion from me who know how much a piece of land to grow can mean to people ( I work with garden therapy and gardening in schools).  Thanks for everything, all the best


June 2017

I enjoyed my stay so much.  It was a place of purity and shining whee history transforms into light.  I hope to come again soon.


June 2017

What a wonderful stay!  What a wonderful Quinta! If we come back to Madeira with our 3 children, be sure that we will stay here again.  Lucie loved your swimming pool….and there is only one request for me . We don´t have enough time to match my first century at snooker!  We will recommend the “Quinta de Santa Luzia”.  Thanks a lot for your kindness, your breakfast, your recommendations.

L + B

May 2017

A lovely late spring break.  Very little not to like.  The whole party was wowed by the beauty of the whole island.  We used the same taxi each day and were well treated and found it good value for money for touring the island.  Thank you Andrew and I´m sure a return visit will happen in the not too distant future.

  1. R. M and family

March 2017

We have had the most fantastic time in Madeira.  The villa has everything we needed and it is in the most beautiful spot.  Loved the gardens, pool, and games which were well used.  The barbeque round the pool was especially nice and being able to eat on the terrace with a fantastic view.  Day trips to various parts of the island were amazing, nun´s valley, Balconies, Santana, Levada walk to 25 Fontes, natural pools at Porto Moniz, both days ended with fantastic meals recommended and booked by Margarida, thank you.  Look forward to coming back and would recommend this villa to others. 

Many thanks for a wonderful holiday from all 11 of us. S

Recommend the tropical and botanical gardens here in Funchal, what a week!


What I can say is WOW about everything here.  The house, the flowers, the food, the island, but especially the people.

Thank you T.

March 2017

Thank you for sharing your amazing family home.  Our own extended family have had a glorious and relaxing week here.  We´ve enjoyed the tennis, table tennis swimming and the garden.  The views from the terrace where we ate whatever we could were divine.  A great week. 

Thanks. The E-L family

February 2017

What a wonderful, beautiful, memorable place to spend your 60th Birthday! 

Many thanks, G.

Such a fantastic house. I´ve enjoyed playing your diverse music collection, Beethoven, pops, jazz on your lovely Bechstein piano. 

Many thanks,  S.

Thank you Andrew for opening up your beautiful historic house for our hiking group to use, live in, for the last 9 days.  It’s been such a privilege to stay here.  I´ve loved relaxing in all the rooms, wandering the magical gardens and having swims each night, listening to the frogs in the lily pond.  It´s definitely the nicest place our group has ever stayed in – such luxury too – thank you again for sharing your home with us.



December 2016

For many of us it was a first Christmas away from home.  However in this lovely Quinta we always felt very “homely”.  Beautiful and comfortable stay!

G + A+T

October 2016

Fantastic few days spent here.

Thank you for the use of this beautiful house.

S & A

October 2016

Lovely few days in a fabulous house.Will see you again no doubt .

P and J

October 2016

What a charming and magical place. Eight Friends meeting up for a break.We couldn’t have found a better place.Hope to return someday.

K & R

September 2016

Thank you for this great week here in Quinta Santa Luzia. We felt like living in a dream castle. In the morning we had the pleasure to enjoy the beautiful view from the Terrance, in the evening the light of the moon and the lights on the streets made a beautiful scenario.

Your hospitality, and the helpful service in the morning made us feel really comfortable.

Thank you again

A, A, S, H, I, P and B

September 2016

Stepping back in time has been a lovely experience to remember.First time to Madeira, will be coming again. Love the large rooms. The sense of space and calmness… a time to remember.

Thankyou. F

August 2016

We were a group of 10 adults from one extended family and have loved this place, I Still cant believe we have been allowed to stay and have a guided tour, the veranda is the most relaxing place in the world. Thank you

S, J,k, M, C,L, N & J

July 2016

We were a group of 12 – 8 adults & 4 kids. This property was much more than we imagined. We were blown away by the scale of it. We spent most days playing & hanging by the pool & only left the Quinta to stock up supplies. The Garden is a magical place. Thank you to Andrew for sharing it with us. I really hope that we will be back.

K, M, L, V, A

July 2016

We stayed here as a family of 9 for 2 weeks. A Wonderful 2 weeks in this fabulous house and surroundings and delightful island and sea. Thank you Andrew

June 2016

Thank you for 10 Amazing days on this Fantastic Island and beautiful Quinta.We spend several days in the Madeiran Nature watching birds and walked some levadas.We were six adults together with Alexander 1 year old. He enjoyed the pool instead of watching birds!

Thanks from All of us!

W, M, H, G, G, M and A

March 2016

Toutes enchantes dans vohe superbe “Quinta” ou nous avons passé un sejour inoubliable.

Decor luxurieux, grande tranquilite, vue magnifique!

Very Very Beautiful!! Thank You

Famille C

January 2016

What an amazing vacation and in the most beautiful setting! There were 13 of us here for the New Year’s celebration, which was absolutely spectacular!! We have enjoyed walking the grounds and two of us were brave enough for swimming! Many thanks to Andrew for sharing his home and for arranging two wonderful island tours for us. We loved having Maria and Leika hang out with us, as we are all “dog People”. We have told many friends about this place already and hope to return with some of them!! Many Thanks for a very memorable vacation!

The N family


November 2015

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!

We had a wonderful time exploring the grounds, including visiting the animals. The house is simply amazing with all its amenities. You never know we just might be back!

Sincerely, J and V

October 2015

Dear Andrew

Thank you very much for a wonderful stay at such magical place. We have had a great trip a completely new experience at the Blandy’s estate. It has been a very memorable trip for us as a family everything worked very well.

The house is very special and we will certainly return as a large group!

Many thanks, T & J

October 2015

Wonderful Island and Quinta! We had a great time here in the Quinta. The view from the Terrance is amazing and so is the pool!

Thank you Andrew for your lovely house.

Family E

September 2015

We wish we had had more than a week to explore this amazing house, let alone to explore the island! We hope to make it back sometime to play “Autumn Leaves” again!

D, R, M, K & I

August 2015

We have been in this wonderful house & garden for 2 weeks, it’s been the best place we’ve ever stayed by miles! Much Bigger than we expected, the view from our bedroom balcony is outstanding have enjoyed many breakfasts on it before the kids were up! We loved the pool area or teenagers particularly appreciated the depth of it great to have a kitchen there too, and a table tennis. Our favorite days out here was getting to Pico do Areiro by 8 am and walking above the clouds, Porto Moniz watching the wave’s crash it, also loved faial bay, the go-kart track there was a big lit with over 3 boys. We’ve enjoyed some wonderful steak on the stone too! It was our 1st time in Madeira we loved the diversity, dramatic coastlines, mountains and cliffs even more hilly than Sheffield – ha-ha-ha! This will definitely be a holiday to remember & we hope to return one day!

Thank you Andrew, we’re sure your wonderful former home will bring much pleasure to guest for years to come, we will certainly recommend you to all our friends!

Kind Regards, L, G, J, E, B and K & B for 10 days

August 2015

Back Again!! Another fantastic time has been had at this fantastic house! We are again taken full advantage of all the facilities including the snooker table. We would highly recommend a “hit the road” land rover tour with Jeff, who took us off road, to a reggae reggae bar (best mojitos in Portugal) to see the sunset and then to a relaxed roof top restaurant. Our family’s favorite day, has to be the trip to Porto-Santo, where we relaxed on the beautiful sandy beach and body boarded in the brilliant sea! We would again recommend callheta with its inflatable in the sea and the restaurant by the harbor New Era. We have also enjoyed two great meals at the India house! As a family we have had a lovely time exploring Funchal and all its brilliant small shops, as well as the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum!

As you see we’ve had a fabulous time, so thank you very Much!!

R, V, L, C & D

July 2015

Amazing house and gardens, could get lost, found a restaurants ,bars and coffee shops. We will recommend anyone to come! Thanks

H & P

July 2015

Thankyou for sharing your family home with us. We have had a wonderful time. Living in your house for a week was an ever changing experience as we discovered its full extent – the rooms, the gardens, the swimming pool, tennis court, snooker table. It was all we had hoped for and more. Thankyou, M.

June 2015

Dear Andrew & Family, wow , what a fantastic home, thank you for allowing us to share tour family home our holiday with special Friends.We all will have such happy and fun memories of our time together.Nuno was a fantastic find of yours for our piano evening. We hope others stay here will enjoy his magic!!

With love and grateful thanks.


June 2015

Wow what a place to stay. Madeira is beautiful and so are the people here. D+H

June 2015

To Andrew and family,
Thankyou for allowing us to experience your wonderful house. Words and pictures do not do it justice. We had a wonderful week which will be impossible to replicate. Many many thanks. R+H

May 2015

We have had a lovely relaxing stay at your beautiful Quinta, Laika has kept an eye on us and Maria has popped in occasionally! We have had two delicious meals courtesy of Margarida – recommend the the chicken couscous salad, lasagne and tiramisu – huge portions!
Enjoyed the pool, frogs hopped in too!!
Lovely grounds, convenient location, lots of things of interest indoors and out!
Best wishes P,P,R,S

5 Rhythms retreat May 2015

- Obrigado obrigado Obrigado, it has been just wonderful, E.
- Such a beautiful venue, divine pool, want to come back, N
- Thankyou Andrew so much for everything–for dance, for the space and for everything alongside. Lovely lovely lovely ☺ K
- Relaxing beautiful, peaceful – absolutely fabulous! M
- Seductive, nourishing, organised, regal, beautiful, open, fascinating, relaxing, fun and peaceful – all the archetypes. J

May 2015

Before we arrived we thought we wpould enjoy our time at your “bonny” house – but we didn´t realise just how much enjoyment we would have! So beautiful, so much character and so well set up for guests. Many many thanks from all of us. D, A, P, H, L

May 2015

Somewhere over the rainbow……..What a house! What a garden! Thankyou to let people enjoy such place, I hope we´ll be able to come back. Thanks for everyrthing, J,G, L, M,D

April 15

Thankyou Andrew for a fantastic stay in your unique family home. More than enough room for 8 of us plus bikes! Thanks too to Maria and Laika for sharing their canine company. J,T,J,O,R,D,D,L

February 15

We have had the most incredible week in your beautiful home. We have been overwhelmed by the wonderful ambience. We feel that this is a very happy house! Thankyou for allowing us to roam freely and use all the facilities. We have no hesitation in recommending your house and we will be back! S, S, J, J, L, A H, A, K


December 14

Thank you for sharing your wonderful home with us. The beauty and history of the house is truly breath-taking. Every time we walked through the entrance, or even entered a new room, we always felt we were in a special, historic place.
The house was also a lot of fun. Whether playing tennis, billiards or a board game on the verandah. Not to mention the perfect location to enjoy the view or wonder into town. A special location for the perfect family holiday. D, C, R, J

October 14

Thankyou so much for letting us stay in your beautiful home. Wee have had the most amazing holiday and enjoyed ourselves thoroughtly. Your home is characterful, historic, super-comfortable, exquisite and charming and it certainly made our stay in Madeira extremely special. We hope to come again and perhaps meet you next time. Warm wishes, the W family.

October 14

Absolutlely grateful for staying at this magnificent house full of atmosphere, warmness and history. We are 3 generations enjoying ourselves with the many facilities your wonderful place offers. We feel very priveledged to live in this house for a week also exploring the beautiful island of Madeira. Altogether it has been an unforgettable holiday with only nice memories – hopefully to be repeated if possible – and happily in near future.
With respect and thankfulness
K, J, S, J, M & A from Denmark


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