Quinta das Malvas - Reviews


“Thank you for this wonderful place and your beautiful house! Be blessed!” Dec 2019

“Lucky we have stayed here for two weeks. What a nice place this is! Lovely rooms, a house with history, beautiful garden….And Margarida and Tita who made tasty breakfasts and answered all our questions - and they were many J. Andrew thank you so much fr that walk around the Quinta. We really hope that we can come back soon.” Nov 2019

“Hilde and I have stayed here for a week. What a rooms! What a house! The mix between traditional and modern was just perfect”. Nov 2019

“We spent a very beautiful week at Quinta das Malvas. The house is excellent and the place is very restful. Thanks to Margarida for the kindness and the breakfasts. A shame we weren´t able to use the pool, a small point to improve on. Thank you for the stay.” Aug 2019

“What a wonderful place to stay in. A hearty round of applause for Rita-Margarida for a wonderful welcome. P.s. Andrew, make sure you take care of that wonderful dog!” Aug 2019

“Thank you for making our stay relaxed and enjoyable. Margarida, excellent service and place, a lovely peaceful hidden gem, will highly recommend.” Aug 2019

“Two nights was too short to make the most of the charm of Quinta das Malvas. We leave with wishes to have stayed longer.” Aug 2019

“A Quinta, full of charm and authenticity, where it is good to rest and taste some Blandy´s Madeira Malmsey, a little fresh! A table tennis table to use and have fun, a magnificent garden, a superb terrace, welcoming staff to the point of making us feel at home. Madeira and Quinta das Malvas were a very good discovery!” Aug 2019

“We had a very pleasant week at Quinta das Malvas. The house is lovely, with a nice atmosphere, and very well located in the city and the island. The estate is very peaceful. Thank you for welcoming us. Special thanks to Margarida for her good advice on places to see and to eat. We will take good memories back home, on top of some Madeira wine.” July 2019

“We have spent a great time in your lovely house, the C19th style made us travel across time! Thank you for all your kind attentions, we would really love to come back some day. Thank you”. June 2019

“Thank you very much for the wonderful stay here at Quinta das Malvas! We enjoyed our 12 days here, in this beautiful traditional house, and the service we received was excellent. We´re very grateful for the useful suggestions we got from the house ladies. The tour by Andrew Blandy in the Villa took us back in time. We´ll hope to come back one day.” June 2019

“We stayed at Quinta das Malvas a few days only – and wishes to stay much longer. It’s a beautiful place, charming with personality. We received a warm welcome at arrival and enjoyed good service throughout the stay. At the Quinta we felt the history of the place - almost like being a part of the Blandy family. Like moving back in time. Thank you for the memorable stay. We hope to return some day.” June 2019

“Quinta das Malvas is a really charming place – the house and surroundings very beautiful and the view from here on Funchal and the sea spectacular! Thanks for having some beautiful days here and feeling like home.” May 2019

“A wonderful stay with all the sweetness of this island. Thank you to Andrew for showing us around all the corners of the Quinta. And thank you to Margarida for your welcome and hospitality. I take a bottle of Bual as a souvenir for our stay.” May 2019

“Thank you for having us to stay. Quinta das Malvas is an island of silence in Funchal and Madeira! A lovely place and nice people” May 2019

“What a wonderful place we enjoyed our stay. Thanks”   May 2019

“We spent a nice time here in Madeira and in this beautiful house. We thank Rita and Margarida for their kind helpfulness and hospitality. We wishe we could have stayed longer.” May 2019

“A very enjoyable stay in the magnificent house. The welcome was perfect. Bravo.” May 2019

“We wished we could have stayed longer. Thank you for your hospitilaity and a special thank you to Margarida for delicious breakfasts and local information! We will be recommending you to friends and family in England” May 2019

“Our first visit to Madeira, a beautufl and pleasant island with excellent weather. A great place to stay with very nice people” March 2019

“Very much enjoyed our stay. We will definitely recommend and hope to be back” March 2019

“It was a very pleasant week at Quinta das Malvas” March 2019

“We have had an amazing time in this hidden magical place. It is so peaceful –healing for the soul. Thanks to Margarida for the delicious meals and excellent breakfasts. It was also great to meet you Andrew – we loved the tour. Hope it is all a great success going into the future.” Feb 2019

Thank you for a wonderful week! This is a beautiful place on a paradise island! We will definitely come back! Thank you so much for your hospitality”. Feb 2019

“Fantastic! Love the place. Very kind people working here. Wonderful island we will return” Jan 2019

“A lovely stay. We were well looked after by Margarida (and Rita)” Jan 2019

“Thank you for a fantastic stay, we love this place. We will be back” Jan 2019

“Lovely place, lovely position, hope to see you again soon.” Jan 2019

“Lovely house, room and garden with a calming and beautiful atmosphere. Many thanks to everyone, for everything. Love to come back one day” Jan 2019


“I had a wonderful stay at the Quinta! Margarida and Rita took good care of me, it felt like home away from home! Thank you Andrew, for showing me around . You have a most wonderful b&b in Madeira Island. I will tell my friends all about this extraordinary place! Thank you”. Dec 2018

“We had a wonderful stay at the Quinta for our short honeymoon. The house is beautiful, and the room very cosy. Margarida was very welcoming and helpful, we will come back.” Dec 2018

“It was an unforgettable stay that will always be associated with my commemorations of the 50th school leavers year in the liceu Jaime Moniz, where I studied. The house is perfect, the breakfast was very goodand the landscape and tranquillity are in fact exceptional. I will return". Dec 2018

“We love this type of nights and will be happy to come back. We will give the best recommendations”. Nov 2018

“Thank you everyone, loved it here. Now moving in to the big house, to dance! This place is beautiful and feels so loved. I feel privileged to be able to experience it.” Oct 2018

“Thank you for everything Margarida Rita and Andrew - a beautiful place, beautifully cared for with beautiful memories. Thank you especially for the help in tracking down our ancestor Emily Smith. We hope to return one day - so much more to do” Oct 2018

“A small oasis on a giant island. Margarida: Very kind, available, professional, in brief an excellent person.” Sept 2018

“Many thanks Margarida, for your sympathy, I felt like at home. This place is wonderful and I shall return” Sept 2018

“Thank you Andrew and congratulations on this amazing space, mixed with peace and tranquillity.   I hope one day to return and I know that of course it will be here that I will stay. Our dear Margarida, I don´t have words to express so much sympathy, availability, and a professional equal.   Today I won´t be in your company but when I return, I know that I will feel at home again, ad having the first coffee of the day without fail” Sept 2018

“Thank you Rita, Andrew and Margarida for looking after us. We had a truly amazing holiday in Madeira. Quinta das Malvas has been a beautiful place to stay. We hope to come back again some time. Wishing you all the very best”. Sept 2018

“Dear Andrew and team, a great place made special by your attention, upkeep and care. Unique it is and keep it that way following your vision and principles”. Sept 2018

“Thank you for a wonderful stay – the house and grounds are lovely and island was a delight. Best of all were the wonderful people we met” Aug 2018

“Thank you for helping us have a pleasant stay J. Malik” Aug 2018

“Dear Andrew and Margarida and your great friends and volunteers. Thank you for providing for us the wonderful Quintas, the gardens, the pool, the tennis net, good advice and good breakfast buffet, with a grand view. We in the Danish segment of the Melendez party – had fun! And liked to prepare food - including stuff from your garden. We also liked food at the restaurants”. Aug 2018

“We had a wonderful stay at this beautiful Quinta das Malvas! Thank you for the gorgeous place and very good service!” Aug 2018

“Zsofia and Marton say thank you to Margarida and Quinta das Malvas for hosting us and having made our honeymoon perfect. We wish you all the best and we hope to see you again!” Aug 2018

“Amazing house! Very beautiful. We had a wonderful stayin your Quinta, people here were more than friendly with us. (Kind helpful within the city, tips and very welcoming) We will recommend your place for sure. J” June 2018

“Thank you Margarida and Rita for the wonderful stay in your Quinta. Your place is beautiful with that garden, the flowers, the plants etc. Breakfast was fabulous. I also love the interior of this Quinta. All the best to you all!” May 2018

“Dear Margarida and Rita. Thank you for your hospitality; we enjoyed our stay here and the beautiful walks we did.” April 2018

“Wonderful country, people, Quinta, so see you next year same place same time” April 2018

“A wonderful stay in your guest house! Fantastic view on Funchal, marvellous property with colourful flowers and a very warm welcome from Margarida and team! In the 3 words a super stay!” April 2018

“Dear Margarida and team, thank you very much for this wonderful time in the lovely Quinta das Malvas. A magic place on Madeira and surely the best place to be. So kind so familiar, so warm hearted” March 2018

“The weather was perfect! We have been delighted to find and experience Quinta das Malvas. A perfect combionation – warm, professional hospitality in a beautiful setting. Thank you Margarida, Rita and Andrew” March 18

“Super stay! The weather was far less than perfect, but the hospitality has more than made up for it! Many thanks to everyone, - for everything!! “ March 18

“Thanks for a wonderfully relaxing stay.” Feb 2018

“We are here. On earth. A little space. To learn. To bear. The beams of love.” Feb 2018

“We enjoyed our stay at the Quinta and loved this beautiful island. Thank you to Margarida and Rita for looking after us too. Hope to return soon”. Feb 2018

“A wonderful stay on a beautiful island. Gardens here and elsewhere tranquil and relaxing. A great way to unwund. Thanks to Margarida and Rita for the breakfast and their hospitality”. Feb 2018

“Although the weather has´nt been so kind to us this year our stay at the Quinta, your ancestral home, has been a wonderful experience for us. Margarida and Rita, have looked after us so well and made our stay memorable”. Feb 2018

“Thank you for such a lovely stay at Quinta das Malvas. Beautiful house and very friendly and knowledgeable hostesses – Margarida and Rita - thank you so much for your hospitality. We hope to return.” Jan 2018

“Thank you for the lovely time spent in the Quinta, it was our perfect vacation. Until next time!” Jan 2018


“We had such a wonderful stay at this little paradise Quinta das Malvas. I´ve fallen in love with the atmosphere of the house, the beauty of the garden and the sweeteness of Laika and Maria. Thank you Andrew, Rita, and Helena for having made us feel so much at home. We enjoyed the peaceful days here and met lovely people here, memorable.” Dec 2017

“We spent 10 lovely days in the Quinta - the charm of this old stylish house, the breakfast on the terrace, and the warm welcome of the hosts won´t be forgotten. A special thanks to Rita for making us feel we were home” Nov 2017

“Mum and I had a lovely stay. Thank you for making us feel so welcome & for making our stay so comfortable. We´ve especially enjoyed eating our breakfast in the garden as this is a real treat with coming from England/Scotland during winter. It´s been lovely having the dogs around as well” Nov 2017

“We really enjoyed our 4 nights stay here. Spacious bedroom and bathroom. Excellent breakfast and very good to have access to kitchen and fridge. We only met the oldest dog once - very nice old thing. The artist workshop we would recommend without hesitation.” Nov 2017

“Thanks a lot, A very nice place to be in the centre of Funchal” Oct 2017

“Thank you for a delightful first stay in Madeira. We had an amazing time” Sept 2017

“We liked it a lot, good days” Sept 2017

“Thank you Margarida and staff. The transition from Quinta Santa Luzia to Malvas was perfect. A great transition from dance to adventures on local buses.” Sept 2017

A really delightful place to stay in every respect – people, building, setting” Sept 2017

“Thank you it was a very nice stay” Sept 2017

“We enjoyed our Madeira holiday very much. We liked staying at the Quinta, especially the breakfast at the varandah and sunsets sitting in the garden with Maria and Laika (the owner´s dogs). Thank you Margarida and Luis for your hospitality”. Sept 2017

“The place is beautiful, the dogs were adorable, we really enjoyed the terrace view and the old trees and being neighbours to the lovely sheep” Aug 2017

“Fantastic place! Great hosts! Perfect stay! Thanks” .Aug 2017

“I could only stay for two nights but I am glad I found this jewel! It is like a little island of peace, with very helpful hosts, and not to forget the two co-hosts, Maria and Laika”. Aug 2017

“Hello Margarida, Hello Luis, Thank you for everything, we loved to stay here and we don´t want to leave! It as very nice with you and this awesome place. Hope to see you again. Thanks for all the tips.” Aug 2017

“We had a great time in this lovely place in Madeira”. Aug 2017

“We stayed here for a week and we mostly enjoyed the silence at the terrace!! The view from the terrace was gorgeous. The Quinta was a good place to start for all the trips around the island. We really enjoyed staying here a couple of days” Aug 2017

“We had a lovely time at the Quinta, your place is warm and beautiful and we shall recommend it to our friends in Israel, all the best!” Aug 2017

“Splendid view, relaxing moments in the home, beautiful island - thank you for making that happen. We met nice people” July 2017

“Many thanks for the nice stay in the Quinta! We feeled free here and what more can we ask for during these holidays! Also many thanks to the staff and especially to Luis who did a very good job cooking the eggs. We had a very pleasant stay which we will always remember!!” June 2017

“Thank you so much for everything! We had an amazing time here, this is truly a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. Exactly what we were looking for.” June 2017

“Thank you! It was very nice in your house!! Fantastic view, fantastic rooms, staff very kind. We come back if possible”. June 2017

“We had a very great time at Quinta das Malvas! The lavender room was really peaceful and the outdoors are just amazing. Our only regret was not to stay longer. One night was definitely too short in this impressive place. We hope we come back” May 2017

“Thank you for a wonderful stay at your Quinta. Well done Margarida and Luis for everything” May 2017

“Thank you Luis, Margarida for looking after us so well Our first visit to the island, rather affected by the very changeable weather. However all that means is that we will have to come back!” April 2017

“Sim” to all of the above. Unable to draw figures but happy faces J . Have enjoyed dining at ´Riso` and ´Gavião Novo`! Walked west along Levada de Portela with great views. Happy to report that we managed to negotiate the gate with our upgraded hire car (many times). We recommend ´muito tempo` outside of Funchal. We love the island and will be back. Many thanks to Margarida and Luis. You have made us feel at home (a real home from home).” April 2017

“ Many thanks for our stay! This is our first time in Madeira, and we liked the people, the places and the food. We visited Jardim Tropical Monte Palace and we ate Pasteis de Natas! I also had the opportunity of practicing my Portuguese in Cafés. The quinta is marvellous – there are so many close walksm everything is accessible, and the breakfast is delicious! I hope not to have made too many mistakes here with my written Portuguese?! Thank you” April 2017

“We had a great time here on the island and in this house. Sitting outside in the sun was quality time! We seriously are thinking of coming back next year!” Feb 2017

“What a delightful place. We couldn´t have enjoyed it more. Great to read about the history whilst living in it also. Excellent food from Margarida and luis also couldn´t have made us more welcome” Jan 2017

“A very enjoyable stay in most pleasant surroundings - including particulalrly helpful and general assistance from Margardida and Luis.” Jan 2017


“Another Finnish couple enjoyed the stay at Quinta das Malvas. There is a unique atmosphere here, so different from the hotel boxes. Thanks a lot!” Dec 16

“Thank you for the great stay we wish you a merry Christmas”. Dec 16

“We had a wonderful stay at this beautiful Quinta das Malvas. Thanks for the nice place and very good service. We would like to come back with our kids”. Nov 16

Thank you so much for the great stay Quinta das Malvas!! With 5 friends we have been walking around Madeira and our last stay at your beautiful vineyard house! We will all come back with our family one day! Beautiful English atmosphere and nice people, take good care and with all our love for you from the Dutch “girls” Nov 16

“What an astonishing, generous and special team you are. We so appreciated the special feel of the Quinta, the effectiveness, warmth, love and affection. We all so very much benefited from this. Thank you. Thank you” Nov 16


“We had a nice stay at the Quinta!

The view is great!

We wish you all the best!” Oct 2016

“Thank you so much!

I could stay here to sketch lots of flowers.

I Love this great firm. I’d like to come back again with my family” Sept 2016

“Great stay! We felt like being at house.

Thank you very much.” Sept 2016

“An extraordinary island, a beautiful house with these wonderful trees and special and generous people thanks for a very good time!” Sept 2016

“A very enjoyable e memorable stay in this lovely “oasis”. Thank You!” Sept 2016

“With many thanks to Luis for all his kindness and help during a week in this beautiful, tranquil place. We loved every moment of being here. We also like to recommend Joao Nunes as an island guide. He was a perfect in every way, mine of information, a pleasure to be with and drives an immaculate Mercedes!” Sept 2016

“Dear Luis & Andrew,

Your villa is for superior and much nicer than my home. I am willing to swap anytime. Thank you very much for a fantastic, peaceful and very enjoyable stay.” Sept 2016

“We love the serenity of this place. Delicious start to the day and enjoy the smells of nature ..

It surrounds this tropical island of unmatched beauty.

We thank Luís for his sympathy and attention so that everything was perfect !! It went beautifully Luis, Thank you !!

We will be back and recommend for sure.

A Well-Wish To All For This Fantastic Paradise” Sept 2016

“Enjoyable, memorable!

Thanks for your hospitality and advice.” Sept 2016

“A nice quinta,

A great view

A quiet place on the hill

A very nice place to stay

Thank you for the good care” Aug 2016

“Thank you so so much for an amazing 5 days!

We had a wonderfully relaxing time here at the quinta and were so lucky and delighted to attend the yummy BBQ and grape harvest in the night.

Our room was lovely and we especially liked the delicious breakfast ( nice gluten free bread for myself)

It was home away from home!

Thank you very very much,

We looking forward to coming back some time.” Aug 2016

“Thank you for magnificent stay in this beautiful vineyard house.

We have also attended the fiesta of grape harvesting. It was amazing to cut grapes in the night with torches!

We do hope to come again.” Aug 2016

“Feel very comfortable to stay in this (almost) very English country House here in Funchal! What a beautiful place such a shame don’t stay longer ( 2 nights is really not enough) gorgeous rooms, soft, fabulous breakfast room and self-catering facilities perfect for our group of teenagers! This is our first time in Madeira and we hope we will be back, we had a great time and Quinta das Malvas will be in our top list of places to recommend.” Aug 2016

“We most definitely will come again!!” Aug 2016

“One of the best decisions we have made was to select Quinta das Malvas for our stay in Funchal.

Our Great regret is that we had not planned to stay longer, much longer!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here have been most comfortable.

Thank you for your warm welcome and great hospitality. We have enjoyed meeting and talking to Margarita and Luis.

A special bonus was meeting and learning a lot from Andrew.

Thank you once again, if we come to Madeira again and I am certain we shall. This is where we would love to stay, Paradise discovered.” Aug 2016

“Many thanks for the warm welcome!

We had a great stay here at the Quinta das Malvas.´

We will certainly spread the word and will be back.” Aug 2016

“We had a lovely time here, Muito Obrigado!” July 2016

“We found paradise!

Here, everything is perfect.

Difficult to leave this house and the wonderful Margarida and Luis!

They are very kind and helpful.

´Thank you. “ July 2016

“Beautiful Manor, a marvelous right over Funchal, a oasis of peace in town, a very friendly and helpful staff!

Margarida and Luis, thanks a lot!” July 2016

“A wonderful place to be, thank you for your kindness Margarida” . July 2016

“It was 15 great days in this lovely house!

Andrew and staff were friendly and helpfully.

Many Thanks to Andrew, Margarida and Luis.

We really enjoyed every minute here.” July 2016

“We stayed for 3 nights it’s just a great place!” July 2016

“This place is a complete and outer paradise! The most perfect end to our trip, Andy and his staff have been nothing but extremely helpful and friendly. The view with the jacaranda tree remains imprinted in my mind’s eye and hopefully will take a long time to fade. A replenishing, comfortable and peaceful stay, thank you all so much.” July 2016

“We enjoyed very much our stay at Quinta das Malvas. ” May 2016

“Thank you so much for our amazing stay at the Quinta!

We enjoyed everything so much, the gardens, our meals at the terrace, the quiet room, the view.

Our son was especially fond of the sheep and your two dogs he loved to explore the property and to look for the pirate’s ship at the harbor. We hope we are going to be back.“ May 2016

“9.4/10 more than deserved

Exceptional value for money

Exceptional cordiality

Hidden jewel with secret garden

Thank you so much!” May 2016

“Dear Andrew, Dear Margarida,

We had a great time in the Quinta. The place is amazing with the gardens, frogs in the pound and the fountain, the dogs and everything.´

We really enjoyed the meal cooked by Margarida and specially the passion fruit cream. We will definitely look for the receipt when we are back to France.

Hope this place will stay the same forever so we can come back.” May 2016

“We had a wonderful time here in the Quinta!

The house with the old furniture and the garden with the plants and flowers are beautiful. His such a nice place to stay in the heart of the city but otherwise you have the feeling being on the countryside within the vineyards surrounded by all the animals. During the week of our stay we often had the house for ourselves so it was really calm and relaxing. You took such good care of us that it felt like being at home. We enjoyed our stay very much and we absolutely recommend the Quinta. Thanks for everything . If we return to Madeira we will stay again in the Quinta das Malvas!” April 2016

“Dear Margarida, Luis & Andrew

Thank you all for taking such good care of your house, sheep, dogs, fresh fruits, lovely attitude, herbs and not forget tasty Madeira wine makers a stay at Quinta das Malvas not easy to forget.

We explored the island a bit but returning here was always the highlight of the day.

We will surely recommend this place and hope to return one day with lots of friends. “ March 2016

“Thank you for a lovely stay. We enjoyed everything about the Quinta & Garden. We went to many of the restaurants recommended by you all very good. Particularly enjoyed riso (good food great location overlooking the sea), Atlantic (again great food and location), Ratatouille (very good Pizzas) Best of all is Dos Combatentes (Be sure to book). Walked up the hill a few times but also used buses and taxis. One day caught the bus to monte and went along the levada. Palheiro Gardens a very peaceful place. Thanks Margarida and Luis for looking after us. We will be back.” March 2016

“Thanks for the great stay! We had a wonderful time in Madeira and enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere in the Quinta. Thank you Margarida for trying to answer all our questions and providing us with the latest weather forecast.”   March 2016

“ Very thankful for a wonderful stay! We love it.” March 2016

“To Margarida, Luis and Andrew

Many thanks for a wonderful stay in your beautiful house. It is 100 times nicer than staying in a huge hotel. We feel like we have been sharing your home.” March 2016

“Dear Margarida, Luis & Andrew,

Thank you for looking after us so well we have loved every minute of our stay and cant wait to come back! The Quinta is beautiful, the food was tasty, the service was warm and personal, and our holidays have been peaceful!

Thanks Again! ”   April 2016

“Hello Luis and Margarida,

We have had a lovely stay on Madeira.

Thank for your hospitality!

Your house and gardens are very beautiful, we enjoy it very much.” Feb 2016

“Dear All at Quinta das Malvas we have very much enjoyed staying here for nine days.

The house and garden are delightful.

Thank you and best kind regards.” Feb 2016

“The property is lovely, with a lovely view, very peaceful too.

Margarida and Luis are very friendly and helpful and Margarida’s homemade jams are delicious

We had a lovely week.”

“Thank you very much for the lovely time here. We really enjoyed the peaceful place and all the little details in and around the house!

Also a big thank you for the special new years party. It was a great first impression of the beautiful island and we will come back next year to see the fireworks!

“Hopefully we will see you soon!

Enjoy 2016” Jan 2016

“Many thanks to all, we had a great stay, all the very best!” Dec 2016


“We stayed three days in this beautiful and relaxing place.

Thank you for the tasty breakfast, warm welcoming and for keeping sweet dogs and the cat Felix as cheerful company!” Dec 2015

“We had a lovely time in Madeira our first and not last definitely.

Such a great place to stay and we will come back to stay at the Quinta das Malvas.

Many thanks to Luis & Margarida for looking after us so well too.

Wow. Many thanks & Happy Christmas ” Dec 2015

“It is out first time in Madeira and it will not be the last for sure.

Thanks a lot to Margarida for this warm hospitality. The house and the view made us feel home. Thanks to Luis we experienced the best poncha and Funchal´s Nightlife!

Please keep the warmth and beauty of this place!” Dec 2015

“We came across this Quinta by chance and we are thoroughly glad we did. Its seldom to find such an oasis in a city; relaxing breakfast, an abundance of space and a very friendly atmosphere.

Thank you to Margarida, Luis and Andrew for this special place.” Dec 2015

“We spent a very comfortable and relaxing week at this beautiful location with very friendly people providing us with all we needed.

Thank you Margarida, Luis & Andrew” Dec 2015

“My 2nd stay at Malvas and once again I find it to be an oasis in the town of Funchal.

Beautiful, Peaceful and green in so many ways!

Hope to be back soon!” Nov 2015


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