• Rural tourism in the heart of Funchal - Madeira island
  • Quinta das Malvas is one of the finest properties in Funchal
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    Villa Quinta de Santa Luzia

    House available for rental and for groups

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    Quinta das Malvas

    High end bed and breakfast. The true alternative to mainstream hotels

Surrounding these properties is an area of farmland set amongst the traditional “poios” (terraces) which is really the heart of the whole Quinta. The vineyard produces grapes used in the production of Blandy´s Madeira wine whilst the herbs and vegetables are sold to local restaurents and hotels and are also offered to guests who stay on the property.

Guests are welcome to explore the farmland and pathways that wend their way alongside narrow leavadas (irrigation channels) that help circulate water around the Quinta.  There are many nooks and crannies to be discovered…..